Bucket List

This isn't the whole bucket list - just the PG version. So, in no particular order:

Build a school in Nepal

To watch Australia play test match cricket in every test playing nation on earth

To attend an entire Ashes test series

To attend an entire test series between Australia and India in India

To watch a test match at every test venue in Australia

To watch Australia at a football world cup

Walk the length of Japan

Motorcycle from Hong Kong to London via central Asia and Eastern Europe

Road trip from LA to NY via the South

Sail from Brazil to NYC with my dad and girlfriend

Sail around the world

Build an information product business

Create a property empire

Become an ambassador

See Mt. Everest (I have no desire to climb the thing)

Summit Cho Oyu

Become an uncle

To write a screenplay for a successful Hollywood film

To become a published author (not self-published)

To do stand-up comedy at least once

To mentor someone worthy

To stop people sitting on the ANZAC war memorial in Sydney

Watch the imdb top 250

Set foot on every continent

Go to space

Live in New York for at least six months

To be able to financially support my entire family

To help the North Korean people become free

To study at a university in America.

To go to every country on earth - currently on 80

To invent a new word that gets into the OED

Play a game of Monopoly with real money and win

To play at the World Series of Poker for Texas Hold'em

Witness the Wagah Border Ceremony in India/Pakistan